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Doggy Bloggy by Sonya Spiker

i am 8 years old and my name is sonya spiker and this is things i know about dogs and i hope you don't like the blog...... i hope you love the blog

did you know labs have web paws ya its cool. all so there is more then a black lab, a yellow lab,brown lab, there is a fox coat and a rare silver coat so there is 5 coats of labs. let me tell you 6 helping uses of a lab dishwasher,weed killer,lawn sprinkler,alarm clock,taste tester,paper boy and there is 101 more uses.a fun fact, lab is short for Labrador retriever. if labs hair go's up and he/she start's barking that means protection mode or angry. also labs are easy to training with treats. They love food. they also are great hunters for retrieving birds because there webbed paws make them great swimmers. labs are my favorite dogs i love squeezing my dogs cheeks.

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